Find 3rd Party (Jailbreak) Apps:

1. Rinngo

  • 10/10

Custom ringtones are something all of us iOS users desire over the basic built-in ringtones. However, Apple’s tight grip on the platform has made the process… [Full Review...]

2. MxTube

  • 9/10

Mxweas strikes again, this time with yet another amazing free app for jailbroken phones. 

MxTube is a Cydia app that lets you browse and download… [Full Review...]

3. Rock Paper Scissors

  • 3/10

There are a variety of rock, paper, scissors apps for jailbroken phones, but I grabbed the first free one that I could find, hoping that I'd… [Full Review...]

4. Make It Mine

  • 8/10

Make It Mine, or MIM, is a very simple program that allows you to change the carrier and top banner of your iPhone to anything you… [Full Review...]

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