Find 3rd Party (Jailbreak) Apps:

1. FrontFlash

  • 7/10

Cameras on smartphones are becoming more and more impressive with the release of every… [Full Review...]

2. LivePapers

  • 10/10

For those of you who have been bored with your plain old idevice backgrounds, you’ll be happy to hear about an awesome new jailbreak tweak that… [Full Review...]

3. Instahancer

  • 10/10

An awesome new jailbreak tweak has just hit Cydia that allows Instagram users to save photos right from their Instagram feeds. We’re not sure why this… [Full Review...]

4. FullForce for iPhone

  • 10/10


Well-known developer Ryan Petrich has just released an awesome jailbreak tweak that I think many iPhone 5 users will find very useful. FullForce for… [Full Review...]

5. Unfold

  • 8/10

The awesome Unfold jailbreak tweak has just been updated for iOS 6 in time for the newly released jailbreak. If you’re not already familiar with the… [Full Review...]

6. MultiStorey

  • 9.5/10

Apple did a nice job on iOS multitasking but it hasn't really changed since it was first introduced, which is kind of a downer. Once again,… [Full Review...]

7. VolumeColor

  • 7/10


iOS developers PrimeCode and CoolStar have teamed up to bring a cool new tweak that allows users to change the color of the Volume… [Full Review...]

8. RecognizeMe

  • 10/10

Ever since the release of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus, I, along with many… [Full Review...]

9. Booksstand

  • 8.5/10

Whether you love it or hate it, we’re all stuck with the Newsstand app in our idevices. Since most of the content available for Newsstand is… [Full Review...]

10. WeeLyrics

  • 9/10

There are many tweaks out there to make… [Full Review...]

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