Find 3rd Party (Jailbreak) Apps:

1. FrontFlash

  • 7/10

Cameras on smartphones are becoming more and more impressive with the release of every… [Full Review...]

2. AirBlue Sharing

  • 10/10

For those of you who have longed to enable Bluetooth sharing on your iPhone, you’ll be happy to hear that the popular AirBlue Sharing jailbreak tweak… [Full Review...]

3. MultiStorey

  • 9.5/10

Apple did a nice job on iOS multitasking but it hasn't really changed since it was first introduced, which is kind of a downer. Once again,… [Full Review...]

4. iBlacklist

  • 8/10

iBlacklist is an app that lets you create blacklists on your phone so that you can block calls and messages from people you don't want to… [Full Review...]

5. Airport Distance

  • 5/10

Have you ever been on a flight and wondered how far you had to go to get to your destination? What about driving to the airport… [Full Review...]

6. Easy Wakeup (Full)

  • 7/10

Apple isn't a fan of alarm clock apps because they mirror native features of the iOS, and even though they let them through, they often limit… [Full Review...]

7. iFile

  • 8.5/10

The best way that I can describe iFile is that it's like File Manager for your iPhone. It allows you to easily browse system files, app… [Full Review...]

8. DosPad

  • 9.5/10

DosPad is a DOS emulator for the iPad, which is based on DosBox 0.74. This is an excellent application that allows you to run DOS, and… [Full Review...]

9. Tlert

  • 8/10

Intelliborn has a reputation for making fantastic apps for jailbroken iPhones, and this one is no different. 

Having only recently been converted to the dark… [Full Review...]

10. Intellidial

  • 10/10

We've been covering a lot of Intelliborn apps lately, and for good reason. They make apps that not only work well, but they are styled well… [Full Review...]

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