A Wolf 3D

I remember playing this game as a young teenager, first as Doom, then going back and finding the gem that is and was Wolfenstein. First of all, the game engine is a classic, and belongs in a hall of fame, if there is one. Second of all, shooting Nazi's never gets old, even if the engine itself may be.

The game is a big large, so it took 2-3 minutes to download, and then another 2-3 to install (3G download), but that's to be expected. 

When I grabbed it, I couldn't really tell if it was the engine itself or the game, but luckily my hunch proved to be right, as I couldn't really understand why someone would offer just the engine without the game. Yeah, I know...I'm a little slow.

Anyway, upon installation, the game loaded quickly and was easy to get rolling. As I walked through some of the hallways, wondering if there was a dog or Nazi just around the corner, I suddenly felt the phone vibrating, only to turn around and realize that I was right. Quickly dispatching the bad Nazi dude, I spent 5-10 minutes reminiscing as I went from hallway to hallway, finally getting into a groove and enjoying the mayhem of reclaiming Castle Wolfenstein.

The gameplay is a bit awkward at first, being that the joystick is virtual (bottom left of the screen), but once I got used to the aiming system and movement, I found it easy to play for 15-20 minutes at a time. I like that the game allows you to save and continue later, as it should, and that it gives you a chance to play the levels you prefer instead of having to start from scratch each and every time.

Overall, this game is a classic, and should be regarding as such. Because of that, I'm a huge fan of the way it's implemented here, and I give two full thumbs up. Go grab it and live in the glory days of where we came from.