Airport Distance

Have you ever been on a flight and wondered how far you had to go to get to your destination? What about driving to the airport and can't remember how far the trip is?

As someone that travels often, I've been there, which is why I found the concept of an airport distance app to be very interesting. 

Airport Distance, free on Modmyi, is a simple app that allows you to easily calculate mileage between two airports, and features every major airport in the US and Canada. 

The interface is simple, like many Cydia apps, and I'd like to see a bit more than basic UI elements, but it does what it's supposed to, quickly and with ease.

If you don't travel or have no interest in airport distance, then you're obviously not going to get a lot of use out of this app, but it would make for fun trivia. 

Some suggestions for improvement would be to spruce up the design, make the app searchable by airport, city, and state, and to save preferences or favorite locations, but other than that, I have no complaints. 

Perhaps an airport map would be useful as well. I know my kids would love to play with it if they could see how quickly they could travel from one part of the country to another.