DosPad is a DOS emulator for the iPad, which is based on DosBox 0.74. This is an excellent application that allows you to run DOS, and even Windows 3.1 on your iPad! (although, i'm sure somebody could get Windows 95 running) It runs games pretty smoothly, and even allows internet connection!  It comes with two applications PreInstalled, namely Mario and Digger.

The only problems I had were with the keyboard. The buttons on it are kind of small in portrait mode. I found myself tapping on the wrong key quite often, but thats because of my clumsy fingers. Also, you can't mount Floppy Disk images or even ISO images. Although, that's not really necessary, because it mounts /private/var/mobile/Documents/ as the C:/ and you can very easily SSH into your iPad to install applications.

This app was once hosted in the app store with the name of iDos but was pulled in record time, within hours of its release. It is now re-incarnated as DosPad which is available in Cydia.

Video Review coming Soon!