Enable Copy Text In Facebook

For some odd reason, the iOS Facebook app allows users to copy text from comments, but not from the actual Facebook statuses themselves. Thus, developer Nitram88 has just released a useful little jailbreak tweak that fixes that annoying issue.

Dubbed “Enable Copy Text in Facebook,” the tweak does exactly as its name suggests. It allows users to hold down on a Facebook status, giving them the option to copy the entire status.

While the tweak works well, my only gripe with it so far is the fact that you can’t choose which part of the status you want to copy. You only have the option of copying the entire status. Of course, you can edit the status after pasting it somewhere else, but the whole process could have been much easier if the option to highlight the text to copy was included.

Nonetheless, the tweak still gets the job done and is completely free. We’re hoping the developer will bring the highlight text to copy feature soon, but in the meantime, you can head over to the ModMyI repo to grab the tweak for free.

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