Genius Scan

Genius scan is an application that claims to turn your phone into a pocket scanner -- enabling you to quickly snap photos of documents, process the images, and then send the scans va email. In our testing we've found that this application delivers on all of these fronts, and even includes a few other features that are useful and unexpected.

The core functionality of this app is analyzing photos to find the document you want to scan, and then processing those documents to provide something that rivals a good quality scan. You begin the process by either taking a picture of a document or by searching your camera roll to find an existing photo. Genius Scan will then process this image and place an orange box around what it thinks are the edges of the document. In our usage Genius Scan was correct about 75% of the time, and a lot higher if you have a good photo.

Once you've chosen or taken a new photo you can adjust the orange box that Genius Scan automatically places on your document. When you're confident you have good placement, click "Select" and it will process your photo into a flat image. The quality of its processing is very very good, though if you have an off-angle shot some of the text could be a bit blurry. After you've selected an image it also applies a filter to enhance the text. It has two options, one for black-and-white and one for color, both of which produce fairly good results.

Finally, you can take your processed scan and either create a new document using that scan or, in a feature that we thought was very handy,  add the new scan to an existing document. Theoretically you could use this program to snap photos of your receipts and just email yourself a single PDF with all of your scans at the end of the month. Overall, this is a very well implemented and potentially useful little application.