With Apple's latest major update to iOS4 comes the advent of folders.  This new feature (which incidentally was already available for jailbreakers in the form of Categories) is a godsend in terms of de-cluttering your home screen and bringing some sort of order to the madness.

Hurrah! I hear you say.  So you start to drop one app on top of another and it's all working fine...until you start to file your games.  Most of us (if you're like me) have a number of games on our iPhones.  So you file 1,2,3,4......12...hmmm. Yes.  Apple has limited the number of apps in a folder to 12. Ok you can create another folder and name it 'Games 2' but being a bit of a neat freak, I just want all games in one folder.

Enter Infinifolders.  This cool tweak let's you add as many apps as you like to one folder, breaking the Apple imposed limit, featuring a scroll function with a quick flick up or down.

One of the newer tweaks available on Cydia, Infinifolders only works if you are running iOS4, and that means no go for you original early iPhone adopters (yes I'm talking about you iPhone 2G owners).