We've been covering a lot of Intelliborn apps lately, and for good reason. They make apps that not only work well, but they are styled well too, which is important if you're looking to keep that sleek look of the iPhone in tact. Sure, you can find cheaper apps that do many of the same things, but I'm a big fan of paying for quality and getting it right the first time.

Intellidial is a cool app because it does something I never knew I needed, but now can't live without - it allows you to dial contacts from your lock screen. 

Like some of the other lock screen utilities, this one helps you avoid the hassle of locking and unlocking your phone anytime you need to check basic data or perform a simple task, like place a call. 

Intellidial has two modes, a tile mode and album-style mode, both of which look fantastic. Of course, you'll need to spend the time to set your favorites correctly, and add pictures if possible, but once you do that, you're set. 

Simply enter the settings menu to enable the app and set preferences, and then call from the lock screen by scrolling to the appropriate contact and pressing the home button. 

My main concern with this app was that I might make phantom calls, but because of the recessed home button, I've yet to have any problems with it. With this one, Intelliborn hits a home run.