Like LockInfo, IntelliScreen is a Cydia app that allows you to take control of your locking screen and display information from your phone. The default settings allow you to display weather data, email, calendar, and SMS messages, but the app is capable of much more.

What I like about this app, especially when compared to LockInfo, is that it's interface is much more dynamic and easier to manage. It's clean, simple, and straight forward. It also allows you to access the application settings via icon as opposed to the settings menu.

They also do well by providing different themes and layouts to experiment with, along with a preview screen you can access without having to lock your phone.

All of the options are easily customizable from the menu, and though they aren't explained well, they are at least labeled well. 

Perhaps what's missing are the ability to add even more information via plugins, which is something LockInfo does well, and the ability to suppress or quickly dismiss popups and alerts. 

Overall, while the two apps are very similar, they are also extremely different. Though IntelliScreen is slightly more expensive, it does well in the categories that matter, so I rate it slightly higher than LockInfo.

You can't really go wrong with either though, as they are both supported well. 

Like LockInfo, IntelliScreen also features a free trial.