Apple did a nice job on iOS multitasking but it hasn't really changed since it was first introduced, which is kind of a downer. Once again, here comes the jailbreak community to give us a refresh. Head inside for more on this new tweak.


This new tweak comes to us from developer JamieD360. This new tweak 'MultiStorey' doesn't add any major changes (function wise) to the multitasking bar, but it is a definite improvement. The first thing you will notice is an enlarged area for open apps, showing more on one page. This is an awesome addition for me and I'm sure many others, as now we won't have to scroll though so many pages to find the desired app. Making switching applications easier and less time consuming.

MultiStorey also adds more ease for controlling your music player through the app switcher. The developer has combined the iPod controls with the volume control, which is now on one page. I've always hated having to scroll over just for the volume, so this is a well welcomed addition for me.

In addition to all this, there's one more very nice feature that comes with this tweak; brightness settings. Changing the brightness has always been a pain for me, and it seems the developer has the same thought. Now all you need to do is tap the volume icon and it will bring up a brightness slider, tapping it again will bring it back to the volume indicator.