PDF Patch

If you've no doubt jailbroken your iPhone on iOS 4.0 or 4.0.1, you'll most likely have done it via www.jailbreakme.com.

It's been widely publicised that the jailbreak method makes use of a PDF vulnerability which is present in the iOS4 mobile Safari browser.  Since it's now been so widely publicised, some unscrupulous hackers could effectively make use of the same security exploit when you download a PDF in mobile Safari and hence install some malicious code, stealing data from your iPhone.

Since the jailbreak was released, of course Apple have released iOS4.02 to patch the security holes exploited however, original iPhone 2G owners are still left vulnerable.  Not to worry as Jay Freeman aka Saurik has written a package, PDF Patch that fixes the holes for all firmware versions.  Note that PDF Patch is the only way to fix the patch on the original iPhone 2G!

This patch is strongly recommended if you are running this jailbreak - once you've installed the package you can rest assured be protected - and if you own an iPhone 2G, you can revel in the irony that owners with stock unjailbroken iPhones have been left high and dry by Apple.