Poof! - Hide Applications from Springboard

Poof is a Cydia application that lets you hide icons and applications from your springboard in the event that they take up too much space or you simply want them to disappear. 

Why would you want to do this? Here are a few reasons:

  • You setup an application but no longer need to use it often (Boxcar)
  • You want to replace a native app with a more functional app (Camera, Notes, etc)
  • You have something you'd like to keep private
  • You need more room

With Poof, you simply open up the interface, toggle the app to off, and hit the home button. The app will do its thing and within seconds, you'll watch the icons disappear from the dock. Want to hide Poof! too? That's not a problem.

The great thing is that you can access hidden icons via search or the settings menu if necessary.

This app might not be a must, but it's pretty handy for those that have a need, and it works as advertised.