Rock Paper Scissors

There are a variety of rock, paper, scissors apps for jailbroken phones, but I grabbed the first free one that I could find, hoping that I'd have a baseline to compare others to. 

Why would you want a rock, paper, scissors app? Well, maybe you need to make a decision and you're tired of the Magic 8 Ball; maybe you're in arguing with a friend and need to pick an option quickly; maybe you're just looking for a way to kill time.

Regardless, this is a free app that might serve a purpose, but isn't going to eat up the daylight like Angry Birds or Cut the Rope.

The app itself is easy to install and use - you're given 3 UILabels to select from (you guessed it, rock, paper, and scissors), and will get instant feedback whether you win, lose, or draw.

There aren't any fancy images or graphics, which is a negative, but the app is quick and easy to use. 

Overall, I'd like to see something other than basic iOS elements, and maybe the ability to save results, but the app does what it's supposed to, albeit in as basic of a way as possible. 

As I said earlier, I don't have another app of this type to compare it to, but there are several to choose from if this doesn't suit your needs.