If you love to theme your iDevice like me, you know that sometimes tiny things can throw off the look look your going for. Even things as tiny as the dock and app switcher, which now is a thing in the past thanks to DockColorize. This new tweak allows you to, you've guessed it, change the color of your dock and app switcher.

Though this tweak only comes loaded with six colors; blue, green, yellow, black, pink, and purple, there is the ability to add more colors manually. To do so, you'll need to create a colored dock or switcher .png and SSH it to /Library/ApplicationSupport/DockColorize/. The route the developer took on this tweak isn't as easy as it could be, by that I mean the current setup makes your type in the color/image manually and you'll need to use another application to respring after you apply your color.

With that said, I enjoy this tweak. It lets you theme your iDevice just that much more, which is always welcome. You can get this tweak for free in the BigBoss repo, pick it up and let us know what you think!