There are many tweaks out there to make the notification center more interesting but for some reason, none of them have made me spend any more time on it. However, one new jailbreak tweak that was just released by iOS developer DjKira just changed that for me...

One thing I definitely use a lot on my iPhone is the music player, and WeeLyrics by DjKira just made the music listening experience even better by allowing users to view song lyrics of the currently playing song on the Notification Center. The best part about the tweak is that the lyrics are fetched instantly using Wi-Fi or your 3G connection, meaning you don’t have to waste all that time adding lyrics to your songs manually through iTunes.

WeeLyrics recognizes the song as soon as it’s played and automatically pulls the lyrics from the web and displays them in a widget box the next time you slide down the Notification Center. The tweak will run you $0.99 but the interface is looks very smooth and works like a charm.

After installing the tweak, make sure to head into Settings and drag the WeeLyrics widget into the “In Notification Center” part of the widgets. It’s also important to note that you should be careful of its use on your 3G connection since it uses data to pull the lyrics off of the web. You should be fine if you have a larger data plan but it’s still something to keep in mind. The tweak is on the ModMyI repo so you can grab it by just searching WeeLyrics on Cydia.

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