Serious SBSettings HD Theme Review

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Serious SBSettings is a very sharp and very professional SBSettings theme designed for the retina display. This theme uses subtle metal and carbon fiber effects on the SBSettings drop-down making your phone look very classy and elegant. This is possibly the best SBSettings theme currently available for the iPhone 4.

Note: This only works on iPhone 4, if you’re on 3G/3GS you can download the original Serious SBSettings theme.

How to Install

1. Make sure your phone is jailbroken with Cydia & Winterboard installed
2. Search Cydia for “Serious SBSettings HD” and install
3. Open SBSettings and click “more” to enter the control panel
4. Click on “Themes”, and then select this theme.
5. Re-spring and your new theme should be live!