SimplScreen Theme Review

Theme URL:

SimpleScreen is a new theme based on the ever-popular Typophone 4. This lockscreen-only Winterboard theme takes many cues from the simple, typography-driven roots from which it was created and transforms the earlier Typophone 4 theme into something new and a little different. Combine the subtle typography with a beautiful image and just looking at your lockscreen could be the highlight of your day.

A few tips for this theme: There are both 12 hour and 24 hour versions available at the source link. Depending on your preference you can install either of these. There are also versions that have weather on the lockscreen, so make sure you check your download. Finally, this theme works much better with a light background image—dark backgrounds can obscure the text and make it difficult to read.

How to Install:

1. Jailbreak and install Cydia + Winterboard
2. Visit the Theme URL and download the theme
3. Use a program such as OpenSSH, Netatalk, or iPhoneBrowser to connect to your iPhone
4. Copy the theme folder to “Library/Themes”
5. Open Winterboard and select this theme
6. Go to Cydia and install/activate “Lockscreen Clock Hide”
7. Tada! Re-spring and your new theme should be working perfectly