Typophone 4 Theme Review

Theme URL: http://angelman8.deviantart.com/art/Typophone-4-175481865

Typophone 4 is an elegant and extremely minimal lockscreen theme for iOS 4. It is retina display compatible, and looks truly stunning on the iPhone 4. This theme should also work well on any other hardware as long as it is running iOS 4 (or iOS 3.x using the tweak below).

Installation is slightly harder than other themes, mainly owing to the need to install an extra application to remove the lockscreen clock. Overall, it is a very simply process and the theme looks and performs beautifully.

How to Install:

1. Search Cydia for “Typophone 4”
2. Install the theme and activate it in Winterboard
3. Search Cydia for “Lockscreen Clock Hide” and install
4. Depending on your OS, you may need to install a black image as your wallpaper
5. You’re done!

This theme can also be made to work with devices lower than 4.x with a simply fix:

1. Go into the theme folder and open up style.css, then find this code:  background-image:url(’/private/var/mobile/Library/SpringBoard/LockBackground.jpg’);
2. Change it to:  background-image:url(‘LockBackground.png’);
3. Done!