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Spotify goes free with ads for iOS & Android tablets

Spotify announced this morning that it would allow its free streaming option to all iOS and Android tablets. Previously Spotify only allowed this feature on its desktop application, allowing users to select songs and create playlists free of charge in exchange for involuntarily listening to advertisements. The biggest question I have now, is how do I trick the Spotify application into thinking my phone is a tablet.

Quanta to produce 13” iPad and iWatch in Q2 next year

Quanta Computer is the supplier Apple uses to assemble the MacBook line, has been rumored to be the company in charge of Apple’s next line of products. The iWatch and large screen iPad ‘Maxi’. DigiTimes is responsible for this rumor refresh. Check out further details inside.

The Retina iPad Mini Gets The iFixit Teardown Treatment

The Retina iPad mini gets the iFixIt ‘teardown’ treatment, iFixIt for those of you unaware regularly is the first group to totally ruin our favorite brand-new products, and then attempt to reassemble them for us, for the sake of science. iFixIt already presented us with their teardown of the iPad Air in weeks past, with the iPad mini Retina they’re telling us it’s pretty much a mix between the iPhone 5s and the original iPad mini non-retina models.

Retina iPad Mini Orders Getting Delivered As Early As Nov. 15

With the iPad mini retina only available for personal pick up in Apple stores, the best alternative for most people was to order it from Apple and have it delivered to the door of their home. The Twitter realm has let us know today that the expected delivery time for the new mini is currently at 3 to 5 days on average. 

Black Friday Apple ads at our favorite stores













Over the last couple days some of our favorite big-box stores, Target, Best Buy, and Walmart have released their black Friday and Thanksgiving advertisements. To no surprise at all they’ll include a deal on Apple products. If you want and iPad me this Christmas it’s looking like the best place to go is Walmart, where you can get a $100 gift card when you purchase a $299 iPad mini. Or $75 gift card when you sign up for a new contract at Walmart for an iPhone.

Retina iPad mini available in Apple retail store only to Personal Pickup customers

The new iPad mini retinas are out and about today, but unless you reserved your device through Apple’s online store portal you cannot just waltz on in to the Apple store to get one for yourself. So far today only Personal Pickups have been allowed at the store, with walk-in customers being turned away.

More iPhone 6 rumors: sapphire, 6” screen, smallest bezels ever

iPhone 5.7 (T3 magazine concept 001)

The Apple iPhone name in my opinion has always been synonymous with quality over quantity. The slow rise of smart phones with larger than 4 inch screens has caused some concern over whether or not Apple Will begin manufacturing phones with 4 inch plus screen sizes.

New CIRP report reiterates Apple’s dominance in premium handset market

According to 400 people survey by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners an increasing amount of Apple’s new customers are coming from Android versus years past. When the iPhone 5 launched a year ago, about 16% of customers said they were coming from an Android phone, while this year 20% of iPhone sales where to people whom previously owned an Android smartphone.

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