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Samsung’s Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner hacked in same fashion as iPhone 5s

Do you remember last year when those hackers managed to bypass the Apple Touch ID system with a mold of the correct fingerprint? That same technique works for the Samsung Galaxy S5's new fingerprint scanner as well. Except with the S5 the user is granted access to your Google Wallet, PayPal, and other sensitive information. Where as the iPhone 5s Touch ID system still prevents users from accessing digital wallets and making payments in the App Store. The Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor is far from a 'wow factor", in fact other than being hackable and being far too priveldged from a security standpoint, it doesn't work that well as a fingerprint scanner. Check out the next page for a bit more information on this newly discovered bug, as well as a fun video and GIF of the process in action. 

24-bit Music Coming to iTunes

There are many rumors surrounding Apple’s iTunes store these days. In a world of declining music sales, Apple is fighting to change things around with several new additions to their service. The latest piece of leaked information comes from music blogger Robert Hutton, who claims that Apple may be adding high-resolution music to iTunes soon.

Samsung Announces Milk Music To Rival iTunes Radio

Samsung has just announced its own music streaming service named Milk Music, rivaling Apple’s iTunes Radio. Milk Music offers pretty much the same service as Pandora and iTunes Radio, where users are able to make custom radio stations. The service is ad-free for Galaxy users and is powered by the well-known Slacker Radio. Head inside for the service’s full details:

Infographic: The Fastest Browsers By Platform

The folks over at New Relic have just posted an interesting infographic revealing which Internet browsers are the fastest for each platform. Head inside to check out the full infographic, I think you’ll be surprised with the results…

Will Apple be in this years Super Bowl ad lineup?

It’s that time of year again! The time when the best TV commercials air during the Super Bowl. Well, it used to be that way. These days everything comes earlier than it’s supposed to, kinda like how there wasn’t really a Black Friday last year. Now it’s time for the Super Bowl and many people can’t wait to see what all the companies have conjured up this year for the biggest stage in the world. 

Apple pledges to end hiring discrimination against long-term unemployed

Apple joins a new program to help end discrimination against those who have been unemployed for a long time and are seeking jobs. Apple isn’t the only company onboard with the President Obama’s new program and is standing with these corporations. Matter of fact 300 businesses are taking the pledge to support the program. 

Facebook announces release of a new app called ‘Paper’

There have been rumors of a new app brewing in the Facebook application factory and today confirms that the social network giant is indeed creating a new app. The app is called ‘Paper’ which seems to be a Flipboard styled newsfeed app. This newsreader app will be released on this coming Monday. 

PayPal looking to partner with Apple as a mobile payment option

Today there was an alleged claim that PayPal wants to partner with Apple to become one of the mobile payment options. The story was feed to us by Re/code and was citing some unnamed sources who said “willing to white label parts of it’s payment service.” PayPal is also offering to handle the dirty work for Apple, trying to make a strong case for being a reliable payment service. 

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