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Watch Kids React To An Apple Computer From The ‘70s [Video]

YouTuber TheFineBros has posted a hilarious video of kids trying to use an old Apple II computer.

Take a look at how today’s kids react to the famous computer from the 1970s:

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ZAGG Offers 50% Off Of All Products For Memorial Day Weekend

Those of you looking to pick up some accessories for your iOS devices may want to jump on the limited Memorial Day sale by the folks over at ZAGG. The company is hosting a huge sale with 50% off of everything site-wide for Memorial Day.

The sale will only last for two days through Monday, May 26 and Tuesday, May 27. Head inside to see a list of some of the biggest deals from ZAGG:

iMac VS 20mm Anti-Tank Rifle [Video]

It’s always sad to see a perfectly fine gadget go to waste, especially when the device we’re talking about is a brand new Apple iMac. But, in the case of RatedRR’s latest video, the destruction of an iMac with a 20mm anti-tank rifle is actually pretty entertaining.

The Lahti L-39 is a Finnish 20mm anti-tank rifle used during the second world war. It had excellent accuracy, penetration and range, but its size made transportation difficult. The rifle is a semi-automatic, gas operated weapon with the piston located beneath the barrel and ammunition feed from detachable top-mounted magazine with bottom ejection for the spent cartridges. To reduce recoil, the rifle is equipped with a five hole muzzle brake and a padded leather recoil pad.”

Check it out:

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Apple In Final Talks To Buy Beats For $3.2 Billion

According to a new report from Financial Times, Apple is currently in the final stages of acquiring Beats Electronics (makers of Beats headphones and Beats Music streaming service) for $3.2 billion. This would be Apple’s largest acquisition of another company ever.

Lead Developer Behind iMessage Leaves Apple

The lead engineer behind Apple’s iMessage, FaceTime, and Push Notifications has just left the company to become CTO of a startup company named Layer. The new company is working to create an easy way for developers to add messaging, voice and video features to their applications. Andrew Vyrros announced his departure and explained why he left Apple in a company blog post:

iPhone 6 Rumored To Be 6mm Thick, Is That Too Thin?









Schemantics supposedly meant for case makers of the iPhone 6 have 'leaked'. Now we absolutely no idea whether or no these are legit so just enjoy using your imagination for a moment and pretending they're the real deal, besides who knows, they really could be. Check out the next page for another image released from a seperate rumor factory and my take on them. With the power button being moved to the side of the device, and the lack of the dual flash option, plus the size to handle a 4.7" screen, it's hard to tell you what we are looking at.

New iPhone 6 Concept Depicts Curved Screen And Edges

The newest rumors and pics have just arrived and they're, as always, totally drool worthy. So yesterday I posted about some rounded backplates similar to those of the iPod Touch line, you can check out that article here. But these new images are actually more attractive than yesterday's mock-ups in my opinion, by curving the display around the edges you reduce the width of the bezel allowing a larger screen to fit on a smaller device. The last thing I want Apple to do is create a phablet. A thinner phone I'm fine with cause that leaves more space for a nice case to wrap around it, but wider and taller is a no-go for me. Check out the next page for some more images, as well as a few more boisterous opinions from yours truly.

Apple is Finally Replacing iPhone 5 Faulty Power Buttons

Years and years after the iPhone 4 was strucken with the same faulty craftsmanship, Apple is finally taking some responsibility and replacing the power buttons in only iPhone 5 units. Taking them in to your local Apple Store or authorized third-party and mailing them in to a repair center means you'll be phoneless for a few days, but it could be worth it to some.

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