Add animations to banner notifications and app switcher with ‘Animer7’

Animer7 is a new jailbreak tweak found in BigBoss’s repo in Cydia. This new tweak allows you change the way animations are presented in the banner notifications and app switcher. 

Animer7 is the updated version from Animer to function with iOS 7. If you purchased Animer you’re in luck! Animer7 is a free upgrade for those who bought the predecessor.

Animer7 Screenshot

Once inside Animer7’s settings you are greeted with three options, which include Notification Banners, Multitasking switcher and Extras.

The first two options allow you to basically change the way animations look in the notification banner and app switcher. From the way you pull em and select the options.

For the notification banners you can change the incoming and outgoing notification animations. The banners can be changed to top, bottom, left, right and none. Fade and zooming effects can be added to the animation style as well.

The app switcher can have the fade effect activated to slide to top or slide from the bottom as you swipe through the apps.

The Extras section is rather random in considering of the rest of Animer7’s type of mod. But are welcomed tweaks that allow you to remove separators for Control Center sections and hide the Newstand. So if you have a mod that does this job, you now have an app that does both.

One of the cool features of Animer7 is the ability to test out the changes without the need to apply the mods and perform your own test by sending a notification to see how everything looks. Animer7 lets gives you a test drive before you apply the modification.

If this sounds like a mod you want to download, then head over to the BigBoss repo and get it for $1.99 for first time purchases. 

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