Apple is Finally Replacing iPhone 5 Faulty Power Buttons

Years and years after the iPhone 4 was strucken with the same faulty craftsmanship, Apple is finally taking some responsibility and replacing the power buttons in only iPhone 5 units. Taking them in to your local Apple Store or authorized third-party and mailing them in to a repair center means you'll be phoneless for a few days, but it could be worth it to some.

For those of you who've considered repairing it yourself, you're probably familiar with the part above, it's what keeps breaking, this 'cord' manages the voume, power, and ringer toggle functions. Though the only piece that seems to break often is the power button, who knows why. This piece is cheap, you can buy it alone or in a kit with all the required tools, you'll spend anywhere from $3.68 - $12 on average. I suggest for purchasing the parts and for their quality DYI videos for iPhones among many other popular consumer electronics.

I've tried this already, I backed out after manually changing out my battery - which helped with battery life - and realizing how freekin' tiny all the parts were in these devices, it's amazing how much they packed into these little frames. Another huge deterent for DYI enthusiasts is the fact that you have to take everything apart on the iPhone 5 to get to the power and volume control cable. A bittersweet thing about the iPhone 5 is that the screen comes out first in the procedure as displayed above, versus the iPhone 4 where a user would pull the backplate off first and gut it to get to the broken display. To reiterate, the iPhone 5 construction allows for easy screen replacement, and tedious power button replacement, it's the opposite case for the iPhone 4.

Either way if you're interested in sending your iPhone 5 in, like me, check out this Apple portal dedicated to it. It's funny this is happening so near the release of the iPhone 6, and four iPhone generations after the problem was made public in Apple support pages and public forums. Just last year a petition was going around, there's a story about it somewhere in the depths of library that I put together.

You can take it to a store and have them send it out for you, or you can mail it from your house to the nearest Apple repair center, either way they have a solution for you. Did I mention the repair is free? Your iPhone 5 must have a verified serial number, have been purchased within the last two years, and be in working condition for them to even consider it repairable.

If you paid for this repair out of pocket prior to this deal you may contact Apple for a refund.

I'm happy they're doing something about it but dissapointed in the amount of time it took to for Apple to feel they needed to act. Let us know what you think in the comments below, and if you or any of your friends dealt with the faulty power button issue, I know I did. I've been getting around it using Activator, a Ryan Petrich tweak, and assigning a simultaneous press of the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons as my replacement Lock button for months now, works pretty well, arguably better in position than the original option.

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