Apple patents awesome new multi-user lock screen gestures for iOS

Apple patent (gesture multi-user access)

The diagram above explains how an iOS multi-user lockscreen would work. Basically, depending on the passcode you're given when accessing someone's iOS device you'll be granted rights to only select applications.

To put it simply, for your friends you give them one passcode, and it unlocks the third access level from the diagram. You can give your wife the "second access level", giving her access to the second and third application sets. While the first access level would be your passcode, it would give you access to all three levels. With first access level rights giving you permission to use work related applications.

These application sets could be customized, so don't worry if you don't like what you see in the diagram. iDownloadBlog's Ed Sutherland puts it nicely, "Apple’s U.S. Patent No. 8,528,072 for a 'Method, apparatus and system for access mode control of a device,' was published Tuesday by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Tuesday, giving an overview of how some iOS apps could be made available while keeping other items locked away."

The interesting part of the "Access Input Data" section of the diagram is the fact that it can be gesture based. Meaning the 'passcodes' handed out to your family and friends could just be their initials. Or any gesture for that matter. It reminds me of the jailbreak tweak Stride, but with profiles.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below!

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