Convert your iPhone 4/4S into an iPhone 5 with a new mod kit

The iPhone 5 is right around the corner but you might not have to wait that long to get your hands on that two-tone metal goodness. For those of you with an iPhone 4/4S, you can convert your iPhone into the next-generation iPhone 5 with a brand new mod kit right now…

You won’t exactly have all of the new features in the iPhone 5, but with the new mod kit, you can get the rumored two-tone back panel on your iPhone 4/4S today. The kit includes a back panel and both Phillips-head and Pentalobe screw drives. Although we haven’t tested the panels out for ourselves, they are supposedly made of durable aluminum, glass-like acrylic, and even includes the original glass lens cover for the rear camera.

The manufacturer offers a 30-day return policy and promises that its products are durable and well-made. You also have the option of choosing between white and black.

You can grab a kit today for only $29.99 – including free worldwide shipping – and get to modding.

What do you think? Will you grab an iPhone 5 mod kit?

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