Donald Trump disapproves of Apple’s decision of not making large iPhones

Donald Trump blasted out some tweets today explaining his viewpoint of why Apple is falling and goes as far to say he has sold all his Apple stock. Some of this reaction is from the continuous reports of Apple’s stock and sales not really doing all entirely well. 

Even though the holiday sales were actually record settings, the stocks still struggled and the overall picture is what Apple is looking at. When it comes to the new iPhone 5c, there weren’t great sales living up to expectations.

Donald Trump took his expressions to Twitter ranting about why Apple is struggling.

Anyone else get the mental picture of Steve Jobs barrel rolling in his casket? Donald has never been the one to really hold back any of his opinions, especially about business management. To me it sounds like in reality he likes the iPhone but his deal breaker is the smaller screen in comparison to Samsung’s devices.

Donald isn’t the only one who would like to see Apple make a large screen iPhone. Many of us have been screaming for a larger iPhone for years now. With that said, I think Mr. Trump needs to read blogs like iPD because we keep up with all the latest news and rumors concerning the iPhone. Just this month there have been reports of the likelihood of Apple making a large screen iPhone and possibly could happen this year.

Samsung isn’t the only company who makes large screen phones and that’s what to me is some of the missing talking points on rants like this. Think about, how many Android devices currently being sold are the same screen size as an iPhone? Hardly any. In fact, the majority of Android devices rock a large screen. While some people consider the screen size a deal breaker, there are many more reasons of why someone would choose an Android device over an iPhone. For example, depending on the Android device, the price is a huge factor. It doesn’t take long for a price tag to drop on an Android phone, which makes it that much more available for customers.

Obviously, we could beat this dead horse to death, but Trump does make some valid points about the need for some diversity among iPhone models. But I like Apple’s style. Do you agree with Donald or are you perfectly comfortable right where Apple sits? 

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