Evad3rs Already Testing Exploits For iOS 7 Jailbreak

Apple finally seeded the Gold Master version of iOS 7 to developers today, which means we are at the final stage before the official public launch. This also means that jailbreak developers can start looking and trying out different exploits for the iOS 7 jailbreak, and that’s exactly what they’re doing…

Planetbeing of the famous evad3rs jailbreak team tweeted today that they are back to work on the next jailbreak. He writes, “Since everyone loves updates: @evad3rs have now started to actively look at iOS 7.” He then tweeted, “We are currently in a reconnaissance phase where we are identifying which exploits we have still work.”

Of course, this means that we are still extremely far from seeing an actual iOS 7 jailbreak, but we at least know that our prominent developers are working on it. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more info so stay tuned!

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