‘Fav’ is a new app launcher tweak, use a gesture to open your favorite app from the Home screen

There aren't many iOS 7 ready app launchers in Cydia yet. There is Swipey, which lets you launch multiple apps from the Lock screen, but it costs a couple bucks. If you only care about one app very much, and aren't so concerned with a feature that will have you enter your passcode regardless then Fav will do just fine for you. It's available in Cydia's default repos, free of charge. Check out the rest of the article for a short video from a YouTuber and a few more details.

So Fav Is as simple as simple comes, to prepare the application you simply go into your stock Settings app, scroll down to Fav, and choose your 'fav' stock or third-party application to quick launch from the Home screen via a gesture. Swiping right will reveal a red bar with a heart on it, but it will only open the application you chose when you have swiped far enough to the right. This is to prevent accidental opening of applications.
So let us know in the comments below if you plan on installing Fav, and why? How will you justify a gesture when you're only a tap away from launching the app as is.
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