FullForce for iPhone stretches iPhone 4/4S apps to support the iPhone 5’s larger display

Well-known developer Ryan Petrich has just released an awesome jailbreak tweak that I think many iPhone 5 users will find very useful. FullForce for iPhone is an amazing tweak that stretches iPhone 4/4S apps to fit the new iPhone 5’s larger 4-inch display. Although many apps have already updated to bring support for the iPhone 5, there are still a few lazy companies that haven’t come around yet – yes, we’re looking at you Justin.TV. However, with this genius tweak, you won’t have to wait any longer!

As you can see in the image above, the stretched app looks so natural that you can’t even tell its been tweaked. The black letterboxes are no way to experience the full potential of the iPhone 5’s larger display, so why limit it? And with Ryan Petrich being the name behind the tweak, you can almost guarantee that FullForce for iPhone will work darn good.

After installing the tweak, you will receive an alert when opening apps that aren’t optimized for the iPhone 5’s screen, giving you the option of enabling the FullForce stretching tweak. Tapping ‘Apply’ will work the tweak’s magic, and tapping “Cancel” will leave the app in the original and ugly size.

You can also head into the Settings app to configure the tweak and choose which apps you want it to stretch.

You can grab the awesome new tweak from the BigBoss repo for only $0.99, so what are you waiting for?

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