Samsung’s Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner hacked in same fashion as iPhone 5s

Do you remember last year when those hackers managed to bypass the Apple Touch ID system with a mold of the correct fingerprint? That same technique works for the Samsung Galaxy S5's new fingerprint scanner as well. Except with the S5 the user is granted access to your Google Wallet, PayPal, and other sensitive information. Where as the iPhone 5s Touch ID system still prevents users from accessing digital wallets and making payments in the App Store. The Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor is far from a 'wow factor", in fact other than being hackable and being far too priveldged from a security standpoint, it doesn't work that well as a fingerprint scanner. Check out the next page for a bit more information on this newly discovered bug, as well as a fun video and GIF of the process in action. 

As you can see from the video above; using some wood glue, a smartphone camera, a steady hand, and some unmentioned tools; a thief can obtain your phone and access your PayPal account balance. PayPal has admitted that if this were to happen you would be covered by their customer warranty completely and fully condones the use of the Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner to verify purchases using their Android application.

As I mentioned other than the fact that this flagship phone has a massive security flaw, the fingerprint scanner doesn't function that well according to some reviews. It often requires two hands to use it, and multiple attempts at scanning. It's been said that it doesn't work that well for people with thin skin or smaller hands. Samsung's fingerprint system even allows an unlimited amount of attempts at accessing the device, unlike Apple's Touch ID which prompts users for a physical password after a number of failed attempts.
In closing there seems to be a real hiccup in the production of fingerprint scanners, they're 'hackable' and inconsistent, though I can proudly say it seems as if Apple's Touch ID is the leader of the pack, and oddly the oldest of the bunch. Way to go Apple on succesfully releasing a top-of-the-line product once again. Let me know what you think of this news in the comments below. If you're an owner of a Samsung Galaxy S5 and feel like defending your precious device do that in the comments below as well.
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