Gorgeous New iPhone 6 Concept Will Make You Drool

Every once in a while, a designer will come along and blow our minds with an amazing futuristic iPhone concept. Well, this time around, it’s Martin Hajek’s iPhone 6 concept that has left people drooling...

The sleek design eliminates the need for a home button on the iPhone, instead making the screen clickable like the MacBook trackpad. Personally, I love the idea. Not only does it look fantastic, but it saves some extra room for the display and brings a new experience to the device we love so much.


The new concept also minimizes the side bezels of the device, giving us a gorgeous edge-to-edge display. This allows Apple to include a larger display, without having to increase the overall size of the handset too much.

This is definitely one of my favorite concepts I’ve seen so far, simply because of the redesigned “home button” and the edge-to-edge display. What do you think? Would you buy the iPhone 6 if it looked like this? 

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