How To: Fix the “error establishing a database connection” issue when jailbreaking

Today is definitely a great day for all A5 idevice users. The untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 was just released and the entire jailbreak community is now in on the fun. You can find the full A5 jailbreak guide and downloads here, or in our forums.

While we didn't experience any problems while jailbreaking our devices here at iPD, it seems that some users are having an issue when opening the Absinthe app on their idevice, which gives them an "error establishing a database connection." But, no need to worry, we have you covered..

Developer and "Dreamteam" member Planetbeing tweeted a simple solution for the error. All you have to do is go to Settings > Network > VPN > On. The VPN connection will than give an error and reboot, and after the reboot you will be able to launch the Absinthe app!

Also, PlanetBeing also warned us not to have a passcode set when jailbreaking. Nor should you set up your own VPN connection, Absinthe needs to set up its own in order to work.

Let us know in the forums how it goes for you!

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