iLEX RAT Allows Users to Backup, Restore, “Factory Reset,” and Much More

Semi Restore is getting a lot of press lately, but their has been a long running utility called iLEX RAT that allows you to make iOS backups, restores, and much more.  iLEX RAT is a command line based tool (similar to Clockwork Mod Recovery of Android) that requires the MobileTerminal tweak, found within Cydia, to run.  For a quick and dirty tutorial read on.

Add the following repo to get the iLEX RAT package:

You will also be required to download MobileTerminal from Cydia, once you have both items open the MobileTerminal app and type in "rat" and push Enter to start the iLEX RAT (Remove All Tweaks) command line tool.  When it loads up you will find yourself with 12 options.

1. Remove All Cydia App Tweaks At Once

2. Remove All Tweaks Settings

3. Cydia Clear Cache

4. Cydia Troubleshooting

5. Cydia Repair

6. Cydia Reinstall

7. Clearing Cache iOS

8. Reset Settings iOS

9. Reset Settings Icons

0. Remove All Apps

10. Backup All Cydia Tweaks & Dependencies to DEB

11. Restore All Cydia Tweaks & Dependencies

12. iLEX-RESTORE: Revive, Speed Up, Clean Up (Similar to a full factory restore)

After running #12 you will be left with a nearly stock iPhone other than Cydia and the iLEX source still remaining.  I'm about to try it shortly, I'll update this post immediately if something terrible happens.  If you don't hear back from me everything worked perfectly.  

And just so you know I can count just fine and dandy, the developer numbered his list strangely.  Jeff Benjamin wrote a very detailed article about the utility if you'd like a more detailed explanation, but once you get started it's pretty much self-explanatory.

Thanks for reading and let us know how it worked, or if you have any questions about the tweak post some comments in the box below, your fellow iPD readers will probably reply before me even.

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