iOS 7 Is Only in Beta, People Already Making Up Their Minds

So even though iOS 7 is in its first beta stage, and the inner workings along with the user interface reportedly have plenty of changes in store for them, fans and critics alike are already making up their minds.  One side seems to think the design overahaul has gone too far, and is hard on the eyes, while the rest are excited about change (myself included) and look froward to what's in store for us.  The version currently being distributed to developers is reportedly less functional than the version showed on stage at WWDC.  This says to us that a lot of work is still being done to our beloved mobile operating system, and things are going to change yet, for better or worse as we head towards the Fall release of a stable iOS 7.

There are plenty of people that miss the shadows and detail of skeumorphism brought to the retina display, and thought that this alone set the iOS look and feel apart from the competition.  Android with its cartoony icons, and Windows with its elegance, each had there own thing going.  In my opinion it's pretty obvious iOS 7 took a few notes from the Android and Windows mobile designers, there isn't anything wrong with inspiration.  And frankly, I'm glad the same people didn't design it again.  But even I find myself missing the iOS 6 design sometimes, when an icon actually appeared organic in a way, inviting even.

This time around Jony Ive put his print and web design teams to work with designing the concept of iOS 7, and afterwards had his application design team bring it to life.  I think this was a great idea.  Print and web designers have a little more classic training in aesthetics and artistic expression when it come to design, where as the application designers are more so trained to bring concept art to life on a living canvas.  There is good reason the jobs are seperate from eachother and I think we'll be seeing that more and more as the months and beta versions of iOS 7 go by.

We talk about how much the look and feel has changed as avid users of iOS, but from my personal experiences with friends and non iOS users, they say it really hasn't changed at all. Instead it has a new skin and some borrowed Android/Cydia functionality, and I agree with those people.  I'm using the beta on my daily use phone, it isnt ruining my experience entirely. Plus im stubborn and refuse to give up on things, I've loaded so many sketchy roms onto too many shotty Android handsets to give up on the iOS 7 developer beta this early. I look forward to the changes to come, bring on beta v2 asap Apple!

So what do the iPD subscribers think?  Do you miss the old look, or do you say bring on the new stuff!  We love feedback, start your own conversation below in the comments and/or share this post with your like minded pals on your favorite social networks!  It's just a suggestion ;)

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