iPhone 5 Rated Slowest of the Bunch in New Review from “Which?” Magazine

The iPhone 5 has been called the slowest smartphone in "Which?" magazine's recent tests, with the Samsung Galaxy S4 coming out on top.  These results shouldn't be surprising seeing as how the iPhone 5 was released in September of 2012.  iPhone 5 users should be flattered, if anything, that their beloved handset is still a benchmark, and that almost a year later a new smartphone won't be a winner unless it can compete with the current iPhone model.

The iPhone 5 is running a dual core 1.2 GHz A6 processor w/ 1GB of RAM, this versus the S4's quad core 1.9 GHz processor and 2 GB RAM.  It only makes sense that that S4 stats nearly doubled that of the iPhone.  But hardware isn't everything, and if speed and power were the most important features than everyone would be driving pick-up trucks and sports cars.

The team over at MacWorld says the iPhone 5 as a daily use phone seems less glitchy than the Galaxy S4, that can be attributed to the finely tuned operating system Apple has worked out for us.  Samsung's TouchWiz isn't exactly perfect yet according to reports.  Don't be sad iPhone 5 users (myself included) many still prefer the iOS experience over faster hardware anyday.

Which? included several other smartphones in its test, including the latest offerings from HTC and BlackBerry. Here’s how the top 7 looked:

1. Samsung Galaxy S4
2. HTC One
3. Sony Xperia Z
4. Google Nexus 4
5. Samsung Galaxy Note 2
6. BlackBerry Z10
7. Apple iPhone 5

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