iPhone 5S Already In Production, Bringing 12MP Camera, Fingerprint Sensor, And More

I’ve admittedly never been a fan of the small upgrades that the ‘S’ model iPhones have brought over the past several years. Keeping the exterior design EXACTLY the same as the previous model has been a deal-breaker for me. Why shell out hundreds of dollars for a phone that looks identical to mine but packs a slightly better camera? However, Apple may actually be changing things up with the next iPhone…

According to a new report from Chinese site EXPreview, the iPhone 5S will be a much more exciting upgrade than we expected. While the overall look of the device will stay the same, it will definitely come with more than just a small update on the inside. The iPhone 5S will still be using a dual core processor, but it will now have quad-core graphics instead of the last model’s three cores. The device will also boast a 2GB RAM, a 12MP camera, dual LED light fill, a fingerprint sensor, and support for LTE-Advance. There is even talk of the idevice finally packing NFC technology. It seems that Apple is really kicking it up on the hardware specs this time around.

The report also leaks pictures of the iPhone 5S in production. While you can’t really confirm any of these rumors from looking at the images, it may at least give some credibility to the site’s predictions. If Apple is set to release the iPhone 5S this fall, production should already be in full motion. Thus, the leaks may very well be legitimate.

Frankly, I’m very excited if these rumors pan out to be true. I don’t think Apple can get away with small updates for too much longer, so this is definitely a step in the right direction.

What do you think? Are you excited for the next-generation iPhone?

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