iPhone 6 concept curved like iPod Touch, looks pretty good


A Japanese blog entitled Macotakara says the upcoming iPhone 6 will likely have curved aluminum edges and backplate, the only glass being that of the camera lens. Macotakara has a fair track record according to some big name sources. I don't personally know what to tell you about the blog, regardless it's a cool thought, and definetely not the first time it has been discussed.

An Apple iPod Touch current generation is pictured above, pulled directly from Apple's site.

The iPod Touch already shares these rounded edges, so why not recalibrate the machines used in this manufacturing process to create a different shape with slightly more room for eternals and more surface area to accomodate for a larger screen, say 4.7". Personally I'd prefer 4.5".

Bloomberg reported the same prediction back in November according to sources.

Check out the image below of an aluminum curved edge bumper case produced for the iPhone 5 series by Squair Curvaceous Bumper. Looks pretty sweet, too bad it's the same price as a used iPhone.


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