iPhone 6 Rumored To Be 6mm Thick, Is That Too Thin?









Schemantics supposedly meant for case makers of the iPhone 6 have 'leaked'. Now we absolutely no idea whether or no these are legit so just enjoy using your imagination for a moment and pretending they're the real deal, besides who knows, they really could be. Check out the next page for another image released from a seperate rumor factory and my take on them. With the power button being moved to the side of the device, and the lack of the dual flash option, plus the size to handle a 4.7" screen, it's hard to tell you what we are looking at.


The image above shows a previously released image of an iPhone 6 and it matches our images today almost exactly, if not exactly. That's a good sign seeing as they are from seperate sources world's apart from eachother. UkranianiPhone.com is responsible for these newest images and had no further information concerning the sources of images. According to the schemantics the iPhone 6 will run 138mm tall, 67mm wide, and only 6mm thick. The thickness measurement is the most dramatic statistic from this news, but with such a thin profile it will make for some really comfortable cases, from LifeProof/Otterbox company.









I love the rugged cases but chose to never use them due to the shear bulk added factor. With a design about 50% thinner that could mean reasonable sized tough cases in my eyes. So this new concept would be sized similarly to the Galaxy S5 but a good deal thinner, a little shorter, and less wide.

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