Is there hope for an iOS 7 jailbreak? Yes.

Worldwide Jailbreak Con 2013 is done now, and the biggest topic of conversation during the event was obviously whether there will be a jailbreak method available for iOS 7. The answer is no, not right away at least, but maybe four months after release. Vague right?

Multiple devs have admitted via Twitter that there really hasn't been much progress in jailbreaking iOS 7, some of those devs include @p0sixninja and @pimkskeks, both members of the @evad3rs jailbreak team.

@p0sixninja started in an attempt to unify the iOS developers, otherwise their code is fragmented throughout the interweb, or worse, simply unavailable. His new site could really change the game for iOS 7, with all of our favorite brainiacs sharing material with eachother.

In other iOS 7 jailbreak news Ryan Petrich, my favorite jailbreak developer, announced that TweakWeek 2.0 will be starting "sometime after the iOS 7 jailbreak" and may last as long as five months.  Petrich already has 20 devs interested in releasing a ton of open source tweaks. A prominent developer such as Petrich being so positive that there will be an iOS 7 jailbreak definitely lifts our spirits.

To read more about Ryan's TweakWeek 2.0 check out this link. To learn more about click it.

I'm definitely staring to get pretty amped over all this jailbreak talk as I've been on a stock iPhone since I gave up jailbreak to try iOS 7 beta 1. That was the worst move i've made in months.

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