Low-Res iPad Mini 2 Coming This Year, High-Res Version In 2014

Many people have been anticipating the release of the second generation iPad Mini in hopes that it will finally come with a Retina display. The size and form factor of the smaller tablet are perfect, but the lack of a Retina display really holds it back from becoming all that it can be. Not only does the tablet not have a screen as beautiful as its bigger brother, but it we know it will receive it in due time. So, why would someone shell out the cash for an iPad Mini when we know one with a better display is right around the corner?

However, a new report from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News claims that the Retina iPad Mini is actually not right around the corner. In fact, it probably won’t hit the market until sometime in 2014. Instead, Apple will supposedly release another low-resolution iPad Mini this year, with an updated Retina version sometime in early 2014. While this plan sounds pretty disappointing to me, it is definitely a possibility. The iPad 4 was released in a similar way, only 6 months after the iPad 3.

If this is indeed the case, there is no reason to buy the next iPad Mini and you’re probably better off just waiting for the next one.

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