Navigate Messages Faster with MessageSwiper

MessageSwiper is free from Cydias BigBoss repo.  The idea is simple, make using the messages app faster.  It does this by allowing you to swipe between screens within the messages app.  Support for BiteSMS, along with more features, are coming in future updates from the developer.

MessageSwiper is a simple jailbreak tweak.  There really isnt much to report about it other than its simplicity.  This straight forward design translates to consistenly useful levels of performance and will save you time if you're the texting type.

We reported a while back about one of Ryan Petrich's tweaks SwipeBack.  This simlar tweak allows you to swipe back in selected apps versus using the terribly placed back button.  Check out our article on SwipeBack if you find this tweak to be useful.  I'm a user of SwipeBack, and when you have the settings where you want them with that tweak your thumbs will thank you.

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