New iPhone 6 Concept Depicts Curved Screen And Edges

The newest rumors and pics have just arrived and they're, as always, totally drool worthy. So yesterday I posted about some rounded backplates similar to those of the iPod Touch line, you can check out that article here. But these new images are actually more attractive than yesterday's mock-ups in my opinion, by curving the display around the edges you reduce the width of the bezel allowing a larger screen to fit on a smaller device. The last thing I want Apple to do is create a phablet. A thinner phone I'm fine with cause that leaves more space for a nice case to wrap around it, but wider and taller is a no-go for me. Check out the next page for some more images, as well as a few more boisterous opinions from yours truly.

As you can see above the curve around the phone is universal and continuous. In other concepts we see only the backplate as being rounded off similar to the backplate of the iPod Touch.

Let us know what you think of this particular design in the comments below god knows we'll have another one to show you almost bi-weekly until the actual device gets released and blows our mind! Last year when the iPhone 5s was released Xbox announced the One on the same day at nearly the same time, I was watching live broadcasts online from my living room. It was the nerdiest day of last year, and I loved every minute of it.

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