PayPal looking to partner with Apple as a mobile payment option

Today there was an alleged claim that PayPal wants to partner with Apple to become one of the mobile payment options. The story was feed to us by Re/code and was citing some unnamed sources who said “willing to white label parts of it’s payment service.” PayPal is also offering to handle the dirty work for Apple, trying to make a strong case for being a reliable payment service. 

Apple is somewhat reluctant to make PayPal the primary payment service, but that doesn’t mean they will rule them out and could actually land a partnership of some sorts. Reports are saying that Apple is committed to a mobile payment platform and as the main source of payment without the help of another service.

Tim Cook has taken more interest in mobile payments options and has indicated a vision of using the fingerprint scanner as a mean to make payments using an iPhone. Touch ID has only scratches the surface with the capabilities that could be used even in the near future. Cook has also shown signs of developing an e-wallet function using Touch ID.

Touch ID

PayPal is making quite the push to become a big partner with Apple. PayPal is one of the few ways to pay for App Store, iTunes and Apple purchases. I could see why PayPal would want to take the partnership to the next level. Mobile payments are becoming popular these days and seems as though we are starting to see more progress into making payments easier to do with our phones. 

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