Plantbeing claims all pieces for iOS 7 jailbreak from evad3rs

If your Hump Day could use a little boost of motivation, we have some good news for ya! Famous Team evad3rs who brought us the iOS 6 jailbreak could have all the pieces needed for an iOS 7 jailbreak. If that doesn’t get ya excited, I don’t know what will (if you’re into the whole jailbreak scene). 

The update seems to be getting closer and closer. Planetbeing tweeted shortly ago that the team are working hard and could very well, but not certain, have what they need to free those iPhones and iPads running iOS 7.

It’s always nice to hear progress updates from the hard working team(s) of developers and hackers making our jailbreak nerves calmer. With the slew of bugs found in iOS 7 lately the same concept of sitting tight on the official updates because depending on what version in released from Apple and jailbreak teams, depends on if you will be able to jailbreak or not.

Currently, iOS 7 is at the 7.0.2 mark with another bug fix update expected to hit really soon which should fix the iMessage problem from the earlier article we talked about today.

So who is excited about having a jailbroken iOS 7 device? If so let us know and be sure to share this post! It would simply be awesome for the one’s who just got the new iPhones and have a jailbreak released so soon. Last year iPhone 5 users had to wait for quite some time for a jailbreak for their fresh iPhone. 

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