Pod2g Confirms No iOS 6.1.3 Jailbreak Anytime Soon, Saving Exploits For Next Major Release

Pod2g mentioned on his Twitter feed recently that evad3rs team is not working on a 6.1.3 jailbreak and has no intentions to.  This doesn’t come as a surprise to me seeing as there is lots of talk of a jump to iOS 7 for newer devices, as well as a possible 6.1.4 update.  p0sixninja also admits to having exploits on reserve for the future.

The prominent developers behind our jailbreaks are holding on to their precious exploits in hopes they will be present in major updates to come. In turn ensuring that all of their hard work won’t just be wasted for iOS 6.X.X. stuff.  When a new Jailbreak procedure is released, I have no doubt in my mind it will be backwards compatible and take care of all of those still on 6.1.3+.

The most sound advice we can provide to jailbreak enthusiasts is this, if you are jailbroken currently, dont update until a worthwhile iOS update surfaces.  The thousands of tweaks available from Cydia are worth far more than an update to 6.1.3.  Part of the fun of jailbreaking is you get to create your own version of iOS.  Most peoples current jailbreak set-ups could be more feature rich than the rumored upcoming iOS 7.

Sources: ModMyi

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