Saurik shares what jailbreak tweaks and apps are on his phone

Ever wonder what jailbreak tweaks and apps developers and hackers use on their devices? There are hundreds of options to choose from, which ones make it as daily drivers? One of the main people in the jailbreak community, Saurik, posted a list of what mods he uses on his device. 

If you’re new to the jailbreak world, Saurik is the founder of Cydia and as you can imagine he probably gets asked a lot of what mods he likes to use. Today we get to take an inside look at what he uses on his device. You might be surprised about a detail I found interesting. Take a look at the list and tell me if you spot what I am talking about.

“Cydget (PhotoExample, CyDialer), Cyntact, Cyueue, Veency, Five Icon Dock,WinterBoard (None), RingerX VIP, Voicemail Forwarder, Safari Download Manager, Barrel (Roll-Away), Activator (Volume HUD Tap = iWhiteboard, Volume Both Up/Down = SpringFlash, Status Swipe = SBSettings (Serious SBSettings HD)), Bars, CallBar, DietBar, DietBulletin, f.lux, FlashyStatus, FolderCloser, GlyphPatch, Graviboard, Harlem Shake, LowPowerBanner, MarkThatMessage, NoCoverFlow, NoNewsIsGoodNews, OpenNotifier (Messages), Password Pilot Pro, Sleep to Lock, SwitcherMod, Tab+, TetherStatus, TypeStatus, TypingPrivacy, YourTube, 3G Unrestrictor.”

From the list, can you point out the detail I was referring to? Looking at the list, it reveals Saurik is not on iOS 7, but still rockin out iOS 6. He explains…

“I am not certain what to do about iOS 7. Apple ruined the web browser by adding the “scroll up for navbar” feature: it is horribly distracting and entirely useless. I could just remove it, but they also bring up a solid bar now with the back button… :(. On iOS 6 they simply nailed it: the HUD was entirely gone except for a few transparent buttons that were always present; I seriously now do most of my browsing on my iPhone (I’m typing this response on my iPhone, in fact), but I simply can’t use iOS 7 Safari. When I have time I might try to do some major surgery to “fix it”, but until then I am on iOS 6. (That said, I also rely on a ton of these extensions, and only very recently have some of them been ported. iOS 7 also screwed up the address book, and they use colors everywhere like red… red means “this is dangerous or is an error”, not “edit my alarm”. I’m just distraught.)”

I can certainly understand what Saurik means concerning the new design of iOS 7. Ever since I have used it, I still feel as if the overhaul was pre-maturely released and unpolished. But us modders look at things through a whole different perspective than your average user. A happy medium would have been to keep the same functions, buttons and shortcuts, etc and simply change the theme.

Saurik voices what I can imagine many people have struggled with concerning this transition into iOS 7. When you bake yourself so deep into an ecosystem that operated just how you design it, you don’t want to lose it all from updating to a new OS. So at this point it’s a waiting game for extensions like what he talked about in the remarks to update and be ported over to iOS 7.

The whole thread is worth reading over at Reddit. There are a few more answered questions to check out too. Since you now have an idea of what a modder has on his device, do you have similar mods or are hitting up the Cydia store now?

Let us know what mods you like to run and if you are on iOS 7 or holding down iOS 6. 

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