SFGate Bashes Apple in Recent Slant

We recently spoke of Apple's breakthrough into the top 5 list of smart phone manufacturers, mentioning that this was good news for Apple, who has continued to gain ground despite being out-modeled and out-gunned. Apparently, Jay Yarrow of the Business Insider and SFGate.com though otherwise, choosing to subjectify the argument, claiming that Apple is getting smashed by the Google Android.

While it is true that Apple iPhones are outsold by their Google rival, what the numbers don't tell is the fact that Apple's single iPhone 4 is down only 17% against what can now only seem to be called, The Droid Army. Let's also not forget that sales of the iPod Touch and iPad are still blowing their competitors out of the water. Still, it will be interesting to see how holiday shoppers choose sides this season, and whether the Droid continues to build and capitalize on its early momentum.

That being said, I'm not sure Apple ever set out to dominate the market in the first place. They'd much prefer to cater to a smaller, more appreciative audience, selling them apps on the way up and down instead. Smart phones are a loss leader, which is why Apple is content to stick where they are and let the iTunes marketplace make up the difference. 

Perhaps this is why Verizon has decided to launch their own app store, choosing to compete against their partner (Google) rather than help them put a true dent in Apple's software power. 

Of course, none of this will matter once the iPhone 4 is official on the Verizon platform. From then on, I predict game over for the Android. 

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