SwiftKey Note now available for iPhone and iPad

Last week we brought to your attention of SwiftKey’s new app called SwiftKey Note. This new app is a brand new way to takes notes faster and efficiently. Today SwiftKey’s app hit the Apple App Store. Note was created to make taking notes easier with next word prediction. 

If you are familiar with Android, you more than likely have heard about or have used the popular third party keyboard, SwiftKey. The app maker is now trying to bridge the gap between the to top dog mobile device competitors, Android and Apple. With SwiftKey Note claims to be able to make typing easier with next word prediction, built for speed and all while lookin good at the same time.

Check out the video for an inside look!

From the video you can some really cool features. Here is the full list of features offered with SwiftKey Note:

  • Faster, easier note taking – with three next-word suggestions and personalized auto-correction.
  • It learns from you – the more you write, the more tailored your predictions become.
  • Organize your notes – group related notes together in notebooks, label and categorize your notes with tags for easy searching.
  • Evernote personalization – let SwiftKey’s prediction technology learn from your archive.
  • Evernote sync – sync newly created notes across devices or to the cloud and import and create new notebooks and tags with your Evernote account.
  • Easy formatting – swipe the word suggestion bar to the left to reveal bold, italic, underline, indent and bullet points options.
  • Share your notes – using AirDrop, Messages, Mail or Copy to Clipboard, as well as Evernote sync.
  • Multilingual – get contextual word suggestions in up to three languages simultaneously.
  • Track your stats – get real-time analysis of your typing productivity including Efficiency, Keystrokes Saved, Typos Corrected, Words Predicted and Words Completed.
  • Easy on-boarding – a fun and engaging tutorial introduces new users to SwiftKey’s prediction technology.

One of the neat things about SwiftKey Note is that it takes the stock iOS keyboard and meshes it together with their own app to give you a unique typing experience. At the top of the keyboard there is a row with next word predictions to choose from while typing. The app memorizes previous typing habits and does a fine job of giving you choices of what you will more than likely type. After a while, if you type certain phrases frequently, you won’t need to even touch a letter, the words will appear on the top row. Pretty cool!

You can download the app for free in App Store. Are you gonna give is shot? Let us know what you think! 

App Store Link

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