The long list of new features in iOS 7 beta 2 [pictures]

The second beta of iOS 7 has made its way to developers, and is ready for download in Settings. As to be expected in beta releases, this installment brings with it a number of bug fixes and improvements. While these are always welcome, fixes aren't the most exciting part of iOS 7 beta 2. Along with iPad and iPad mini support the software brings with it a number of new features. Find out what they are after the break.

To start with the performance improvements, I've been hearing mixed reports. Some users are getting smoother and snappier animations and actions with this second beta than with the first. Others, however, are reporting encountering more problems. Varied performance from user to user is to be expected and should always be expected, especially from early betas of a major new release.

Messages in iOS 7 receives the most attention, with Apple bringing some long awaited new features to the application. The most notable of these is contact photos in your conversations. Before you get too excited, as I did, it seems this new aesthetic is only for group chats; hopefully in a future beta we see this implemented across the board. Another long awaited feature is individual time stamps for messages, simply swipe to reveal the time it was send or delivered. Other changes include a larger “Send” button and new animation.

Let's have a look at what's new in iOS 7 beta 2, shall we.

Apple has brought back Voice Memos, something that shouldn't have been removed in the first place:

Siri has been updated with new voices, both male and female:

The Weather application now features the option to access all saved cities:

Reminders has been further redesigned:

Find my iPhone icon has been updated in Settings:

Tweaked media player and lock screen Music controls:

Bookmarks, Reading List, and Shared Links have been rearranged in Safari:

Slight UI tweak in panoramic camera view:

FaceTime has been themed with a dark UI

Newsstand has been redesigned:

New account icons in Mail:

Nike+ has also been redesigned:

Last but certainly not least, here's a look at iOS 7 running on the iPad:

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